University Policy

The student council, or rather its members, represent the interests of the student body in various committees. These bodies are presented here in brief.

Student Parliament (StuPa)

In each case, you will elect a representative for the Student Parliament (StuPa), which is the highest decision-making body of the student body of the University of Göttingen and, among other things, elects and controls the General Student Committee (AStA).


Apart from the student bodies, you can also have a say in the composition of the so-called collegiate bodies. On a university-wide level, the senate has far-reaching control, information and decision-making rights and, among other things, elects the members of the presidium. The number of students in the Senate is 2 out of 13 members.

Faculty Parliament (FSP)

Furthermore, you elect a representative for your respective student council, which then elects and controls your student council (FSR). You can find the lists of candidates for your respective Faculty Parliament in the election announcement.

Student council’s Speaker  

Within some faculties, there are so-called subject groups below the student council in the student self-administration. A student council is usually the representation for a subject (e.g. biochemistry, dentistry, political science or German studies). All students who are assigned to such a department elect a Faculty spokesperson as their representative. However, it is often the case that only one person stands for the respective election, which means that this person is considered to be directly elected and the election does not apply.

Faculty council

The faculty councils form the highest directly elected body for each faculty and have similar control, information and decision-making rights in this area as the senate. Among other things, they elect the members of the dean’s office of the respective faculty. The number of students in the faculty councils is 2 out of 13 members in each case.


The FSR is the Student Representative Council. It consists of elected members from the biology, biochemistry and psychology departments. This body meets several times a semester as needed and decides on joint actions and finances.


The FSK is the finance and structure commission, where you can contribute ideas as a student representative to decisions on faculty level.


partly taken from the university information of the General Students’ Committee (AStA)